Handmade jewelry  /  Handgemaakte juwelen

Update for startup

Hello, here I am again with a little update (26/3/2013).


The past few days have been very busy, but it's all starting to take shape.

Facebook has been integrated, so have a lot of other things. The collections and jewels are well on their way to being uploaded. Lots and lots (and did I mention LOTS) of pictures were taken. Some good, some not. Now they are in the process of being uploaded on this website as I'm typing this.


Soon i'll be able to "estimate" when it will be finished :-)

Once I know that, i'll on announce the opening date on Facebook.


I'm so looking forward to the opening :-)




Startup of my online shop

Today (23/3/2013) is the day I decided to work towards my own online-shop. I'm so happy I can start this adventure. I hope you guys enjoy it as well.


Here is a little insite as to what went in to make this website happen:


We started out with buying the website address : www.annsofiesjewelry.com

Next comes the hard task of retaking almost every picture we ever took for Facebook, as we need the pictures to be on a similar background for the webshop. This takes literally forever ! I'll expand on that in another blog.

Now comes the stocking up part, as it's impossible to open an online shop without (enough) products. So off I went to order more supplies and start assembling the ones I already have here.

Meanwhile we need to design a logo for the website, and design / make the actual website too ofcourse.

Start putting in the collections and individual juwels , 1 by 1. Integrating Facebook, Twitter, ect 

As I didn't want to let my Facebook followers down, I kept that part running as normal ofcourse :-)


Altough this makes it sound like a long annoying process, it was anything but ! It was a great learning experience.

Soon the webshop will launch, and at the time of this writing, no-one is informed yet. As I still need to make some banners, lots of pictures and start promoting the opening of my shop :-)


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog,