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Today (23/3/2013) is the day I decided to work towards my own online-shop. I'm so happy I can start this adventure. I hope you guys enjoy it as well.


Here is a little insite as to what went in to make this website happen:


We started out with buying the website address : www.annsofiesjewelry.com

Next comes the hard task of retaking almost every picture we ever took for Facebook, as we need the pictures to be on a similar background for the webshop. This takes literally forever ! I'll expand on that in another blog.

Now comes the stocking up part, as it's impossible to open an online shop without (enough) products. So off I went to order more supplies and start assembling the ones I already have here.

Meanwhile we need to design a logo for the website, and design / make the actual website too ofcourse.

Start putting in the collections and individual juwels , 1 by 1. Integrating Facebook, Twitter, ect 

As I didn't want to let my Facebook followers down, I kept that part running as normal ofcourse :-)


Altough this makes it sound like a long annoying process, it was anything but ! It was a great learning experience.

Soon the webshop will launch, and at the time of this writing, no-one is informed yet. As I still need to make some banners, lots of pictures and start promoting the opening of my shop :-)


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog,



Written by Ann-Sofie vs — March 23, 2013

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